Friday, October 12, 2012

Sushi Attempt #2 - Califiornia Rolls

You may remember that back in April Steve and I attempted to make sushi for the first time (if you don't remember click here for that post). Since that time we have made sushi again, but we always kept it the same type - just using salmon.

During our trip to California this past July we had the opportunity to enjoy the most delicious sushi at Loews Santa Monica (absolutely stunning hotel and delicious foods). We were at Loews for their Live From Loews events that happened monthly and were fortunate that one of them just happened to be during our trip. While we were at Loews we had the opportunity to taste every dish, enjoy every cocktail/wine/beer/champagne and enjoy the great band. One of the great items on the menu was sushi that was being made on the spot - however, I was a little nervous to try it because it was being made with nori (the thin black paper like product in many sushi rolls) and not the clear/white soy paper I usually prefer. So with it being vacation and all, Steve and I both decided to try something new. We loaded up our plates with their California rolls, found a great seat by the band, raised our glasses in a toast to our amazing trip and dove in. We each took a few seconds to take in the tastes and textures and soon both of us had the goofiest sushi filled mouth grins imaginable - we loved it! I loved it so much I went back to the sushi table probably five more times before the end of our night.

So as you can see, we have grown to love California rolls and the nori paper; and because of this we decided that the next small step that we could take for making sushi at home would be to make the California roll (but still use the soy paper - we have tons of it!). Now our California rolls were not as good as Loews, but we were still very proud of our work.

If you are ever in Santa Monica you have to go to Loews and try their sushi and if you don't like sushi, you just need to go into the hotel and look around - it is stunning!

Try making your own sushi rolls at home - and if you have tips and tricks to making your own please share them with us - we're eager to perfect our techniques.

Bon appetit & enjoy!

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