Monday, October 22, 2012

Southwest Chicken Bake over Rice

Steve and I always stock up on chicken at Sobeys whenever it goes on sale (and we only shop at Sobeys so we are like hawks when it actually does go on sale). So from time to time we will end up with lots of chicken in our freezer and will look for new recipes to use it all up.

I have mentioned in previous blog posts (from months ago) that I really enjoy both the Kraft and Campbells websites for coming up with meal ideas, and both are great at providing me with new chicken recipes too. This time I stumbled upon a recipe from Kraft and thought I would give it a try (also because Steve has just come to realize he loves corn and black beans in anything - so I thought that I would use that to my advantage).

We chose to use the Southwest Chicken Bake as a 'topping' for the rice. And this lead to us having this for leftovers for days and days. The good thing about this recipe for us was that was very similar to the taste (minus to turkey meatballs) of the Slow Cooker Turkey Meatball Chili.

This was a very quick and easy recipe and makes lots of great leftovers (easy to heat up and eat again at work the next day). Give this one a try when you have a busy week but needs several good filling meals.

Click here for the full list of ingredients and the complete recipe. 

Bon appetite and enjoy!

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